Microsoft Host Integration Server

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Microsoft Host Integration Server (a.k.a. HIS) is a gateway application providing connectivity between Microsoft Windows networks and IBM mainframe and AS/400 systems. Support is provided for SNA, 3270 (standard and Telnet 3270 TN3270E), 5250 (standard and Telnet 5250), CICS, APPC, and other IBM protocols. Support is also provided for advanced integration with Windows networks and software, such as linking Microsoft Message Queuing applications to IBM WebSphere MQ, binding Microsoft DTC transactions with CICS, and cross-protocol access to DB2 databases on IBM platforms.

HIS is the successor to Microsoft SNA Server. SNA Server was released in 1994, and was one of the first add-on products available for the fledgling Windows NT.

Similar gateway products were NetWare for SAA (defunct, ran on Novell NetWare) and IBM Communications Manager/2 (defunct, ran on OS/2).

HIS has an active ecosystem of third party hardware (e.g. network adapters supporting ESCON and Twinax connectivity) and software.

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