Continuous delivery

Everything you need to know about the new Windows Server release cadence

“In this session, we walk you through the details of the new Windows Server release cadence and provide guidance and examples so that you can make a decision on how to best take advantage of the new opportunities within your environment.”

Snippet from Wikipedia: Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery (CD) is a software engineering approach in which teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time and, when releasing the software, without doing so manually. It aims at building, testing, and releasing software with greater speed and frequency. The approach helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes by allowing for more incremental updates to applications in production. A straightforward and repeatable deployment process is important for continuous delivery.

CD contrasts with continuous deployment, a similar approach in which software is also produced in short cycles but through automated deployments rather than manual ones.



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