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3 tips for using Clef

1. Sync once, log in everywhere.

When you scan a Clef Wave, you'll be logged in to all of your sites on that computer. This means you don't have to keep scanning as you browse the web.

2. Log out with your phone.

When you want to log out of your sites, click the logout button on your phone. This will log you out of all of your sites and can be done from anywhere (including after you walk away).

3. Lose your device?

If you lose your device, don't fret! Just visit, deactivate with your PIN, and reactivate on a new device.


  • Disable passwords for all users and hide the password login form.
  • Form style: Show Clef wave as primary login option

Clef API Settings

These keys connect your WordPress site to the Clef application you log in to. For more advanced settings, visit the Clef developer site].

  • Application ID
  • Application Secret

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