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As an MCSE since 1995, Kreuzer is a “Cloud FirstCloud Evangelist focused on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem - Azure.


Amazon’s Cloud is 10 times bigger than its next 10 competitors combined. As an AWS customer, you benefit from a fast-growing and innovative platform. You probably started to manage your cloud infrastructure by clicking through the AWS Management Console. But managing growing AWS environments manually is complex and fault-prone. This course, Automating AWS with CloudFormation, will teach you the skills you need to automate your cloud infrastructure. First, you will learn how to describe your infrastructure in code, also called Infrastructure as Code. Next, you will dive into CloudFormation, which allows you to describe your infrastructure in a template, and finally, you'll bring it to life on AWS. When you're finished with this course, you will be able to automate your own cloud infrastructure with the help of CloudFormation, improving the quality of your infrastructure, saving costs by reducing manual work, and increasing the flexibility of your setup. Software required: text editor, SSH client, and AWS account.”

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