Office 365 Microsoft Cloud Senior IT Technician / Cloud Evangelist

May 2006 – Present (10 years 5 months), San Jose, California

“Cloud Monk” – Former Buddhist Monk under the Dalai Lama Tibetan tradition, now Cloud Evangelist “Monk”

Kreuzer the Cloud Monk is a Microsoft “Cloud First – Mobile First” Evangelist for Office365-Azure-Skype for Business. Provided IT support for my own Distance Learning Program for Buddhist Ayurvedic Medicine. Taught Ayurvedic herbal medicine to several hundred students using online learning – retired from Ayurveda in 2011.


Principal Consultant for ICNE – International Consulting Network Engineers

March 1994 – April 2006 (12 years 2 months), San Francisco Bay Area

Enterprise Networks – USA, Europe and Asia. Microsoft NT Server and Systems Management Server (SMS) with BackOffice for East Bay Municipal Utility District EBMUD – 1660 users, 26 sites; TriValley Growers TVG – 800 users, 5 sites; California State Automobile Association CSAA – 6000 users, 120 sites with Exchange Servers, SNA Servers, Windows Servers, SMS Servers, SQL Servers; San Francisco General Hospital and University of California San Francisco UCSF – Windows NT Servers, Exchange Servers, SMS; Anderson Lembke (Microsoft’s Advertising Firm) – NT WAN, Visa USA, Pushed out Y2K Upgrades for 10000+ Wells Fargo Bank clients with Systems Management Server, and many others.

Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT classes taught include Exchange Server, SNA Server, SMS Systems Management Server, Windows NT Server, Internet Information Server IIS, TCP/IP, Proxy Server, Windows 95 for Microsoft Hong Kong, Digital Asia, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, IBM, Time, Wells Fargo, First Interstate Bank, and many others.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) since 1995: Exchange, WinSrv, Systems Mgmt, SNA Host Integration Server, IIS, Windows Desktop, TCP/IP, Proxy Server. Worked with Kurt Glowienke and Kraig Kluba at UCSF (see LinkedIn Network contacts). Worked with Michael Axelrod at CSAA (see LinkedIn Network contacts)


French Pre-Sales Network Engineer, Technical Project Manager for Eicon Technology

March 1992 – March 1994 (2 years 1 month), Paris Area, France

SNA, ISDN, X.25 and IP Router WAN products to customers such as France Telecom (worked with Sylvio Drouin – see my LinkedIn contacts), AXA Insurance, Credit Lyonnais, Banque Populaire.

For several years, our small team of 4 persons surpassed every other country in Europe in sales within Eicon. First worked with Windows NT beta as a transition from LAN Manager for SNCF French National Railways.

Eicon Communication Cards were used internally at Microsoft in the 90’s for their WAN servers. Eicon Technology was the leader in IBM SNA Network Gateways and X.25 WAN routing.


European Freelance Network Consultant: Network Design, Analysis, Training, Marketing, Presentations, Translations

February 1991 – February 1992 (1 year 1 month), Paris, Marseille, London

Caisse d’Epargne CEP Bank, City of Valence France, SMB Monaco, Accor Hotels, French Navy, UpJohn, Bank of America, City of London, Shimizu, S.G. Warburg Bank, Saudi Bank. Focused on Microsoft OS/2 LAN Manager and Windows NT alpha, IBM LAN Server, SNA and IP WAN Routers.

Worked wiith DataLAN Paris, France; Agena Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence France, JWP Businessland London, UK. While the USA was using Novell, Europe was adopting Microsoft Networking, thus Kreuzer was an early adopter of Windows Server system centers during his 3 years as a Network Engineer in France and the UK.


Senior Network Engineer for DAVID Corporation

March 1989 – February 1991 (2 years), San Francisco, California

Network Design for Enterprise Database Systems for the corporate insurance market. Focused on Novell NetWare 3.x, 3Com 3+ Open and IBM OS/2 LAN Server. Clients included AT&T, Dow Corporation, City of Chicago, Warner, Dole, Kaiser Permanente, Ralphs Grocery. Worked with Anthony Castellano (see my LinkedIn Network contacts)


Sales – Network and Telecommunications Specialist for Pacific Bell Communications

August 1988 – February 1989 (7 months), San Francisco, California

3270, Digital Equipment Corporation VAX, IBM AS/400, Novell NetWare 2.15, 3Com 3+ 1.3.1, 3+Open, cc:Mail, AppleShare. Kreuzer’s has helped marketing as Network Pre-Sales Engineer since 1986.


National IBM Mainframe SNA Connectivity Specialist for Businessland

March 1988 – August 1988 (6 months), San Jose, California

Headquarters: IBM SNA Mainframe and DEC VAX Connectivity, Gateways, Routers, Bridges, IBM File Transfer, IBM and Microsoft OS/2 1.0. Worked for Dave Murphy (see my LinkedIn Network contacts)

Kreuzer’s focus on IBM Mainframe Host Integration (the original “Cloud”) with networks opened many opportunities to work for large enterprise networks using Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Novell and 3Com products.


Marketing Manager – Telecommunications IBM Mainframe Connectivity for Businessland

March 1987 – March 1988 (1 year 1 month), San Jose, California

Headquarters: Marketing and Product Management – PC and Macintosh to Host Integration, Attachmate, DCA, Idea.

Kreuzer was the youngest in the company to be promoted to being a Product Marketing Manager at the age of 21.

One of Kreuzer’s unique specialties since 1985 was IBM Mainframe Host Integration with enterprise LANs/networks from Novell, Microsoft/3Com, and IBM. This formed the beginnings of what was later to evolve into Cloud Computing. Worked for Pete Hayes (see LinkedIn Network).


Senior Hotline Engineer – LAN Specialist for Businessland

May 1986 – March 1987 (11 months), San Jose, California

Headquarters: Kreuzer was of the first in the USA to be certified by 3Com in it’s “3Wizard” server and networking training program. Attachmate Extra! 3270 and 5250, DCA IrmaLAN SNA Gateways, Idea 5250 AS/400 S/38 Gateway, Novell NetWare 2.0a, IBM PC LAN, 3Com 3+ Share and Mail. Worked with Kent Laux (see my LinkedIn contacts). Kreuzer was a trained specialist in Novell products since 1984.


Senior Technical Support Representative for Businessland

May 1985 – April 1986 (1 year), Cleveland, Ohio

Kreuzer was one of the early employees at Businessland, the USA leader in marketing networks to the enterprise. PC and Macintosh, Novell NetWare 1.02 File Server Software, 3Com 3+ Share Server Software, and 3Com EtherSeries Servers, Novell/CXI 3270, IBM 3270 PC, BL3270. Worked with Spike Radway (see my LinkedIn Network contacts)


Technical Support Hotline, Trainer, Technician for Basic Computer Corporation

September 1982 – May 1985 (2 years 9 months), Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area Headquarters:

In 1982 Kreuzer decided to focus his career on the emerging local area network and data communications markets. First IBM PC’s, Apple II, Apple III, Apple Lisa, first Apple Macintosh in January 1984. Corvus OmniNet File Server Software, Fox 10Net File Server Software, IBM PC Network. Worked Carl Gonzalez (see my LinkedIn Network contacts) and Todd Levi (see my LinkedIn Network)